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Drive-Thru Medicine Now On Value Menu

Columbia, MO—The University Hospital in Columbia has scheduled drive-through flu shot clinics beginning May 1. Those seeking medical attention need only drive their car through the medicinal markers, place their order via the two-way speaker and proceed to the first window to pay, then to the second window to receive treatment.

“It was really cool, I just pulled up ordered a double flu shot, hold the Guillain-Barré syndrome, paid for my order then was given the shot as I sat at the next window. Pretty amazing!” said Lindsay Beglar, local participant in the program.

The seasonal flu shot is available on the dollar menu at The University Hosptial

Administering a Flu Shot from the value menu and The University Hospital in Columbia

and a new variety of vaccine is scheduled to make an appearance soon as the H1N1 vaccine. Hospital manager Brian Dumby said, “we sell a lot of the seasonal shots, but once the H1N1 is available we are expecting consumer demand to double or triple. We may even have to add another drive-through lane to accommodate everyone.”

The current menu board shows a variety of other services now available via the drive-through including annual physicals, blood donation, and emergency resuscitation among other things. Dumby says, “we have had some trouble getting the orders right due to the scratchy nature of the two way radio in the menu board. So, Mr. Hekctal if you are reading this story please return so we can reverse the outpatient surgery we performed on you in your car, and give that to the right person who requested it.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about 36,000 people die each year from complications of seasonal flu. Now with drive-throughmedicine, officials hope that number will be reduced significantly. “Really,” said Dumby, “who has time to sit around in a doctors office when they can roll up to our window, get shot and on their way?”

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