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NASCAR inspires local drivers

Columbia, MO—According to recent driving patterns, Mid-Missouri drivers are seemingly permitted to drive like lunatics once they have prominently placed on their vehicle one of many NASCAR stickers featuring their favorite driver. Area drivers should heed the NASCAR sticker as a warning when traveling public thoroughfares. “I could see a vehicle approaching me at a high [...]

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Kim English goes Pro and changes name

Columbia, MO—Mizzou basketball star Kim English has decided to change his name to Kim Spanish and turn pro to play basketball in Mexico. The announcement has left the Tiger basketball nation reeling. Terms of the deal are still be negotiated but a large percentage of his pay will be in the form of burritos. However, [...]

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Redbox Rentals Suck Life for $1.00

Columbia, MO—Located at area McDonald’s, groceries and other heavily trafficked areas, Redbox vending machines are magnets for long lines of indecisive cretins. “I was in line for 10 minutes to get one movie! Just let me in and I can get my video and get out,” said Columbia native Joey Harbong. When presented with a [...]

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Local Video Store takes on Netflix, Redbox

Columbia, MO – A local movie rental company believes their business model is sound. It just needed some tweaking to compete with Netflix and Redbox in the Mid-Missouri market. “People love shopping at video rental stores,” said local Movie Holla’ Manager Dewey Dom. “The drive to the store, the smell of it, arguing with friends [...]