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Couple Sneaks Extra Breadsticks into Doggie Bag at Olive Garden

Couple sneaks breadsticks into their leftover bag while at Olive Garden

Columbia, MO—A discreet couple smoothly inserted three leftover breadsticks into their Styrofoam take home box Monday evening without raising suspicions among Olive Garden wait staff at I 70 Dr Sw.

Doris and Henry Norton enjoyed a lavish feast of chicken scampi and chicken Alfredo respectively and just received their boxed leftovers when Mrs. Norton nudged Mr. Norton with her foot, then gazed at the uneaten bread sticks with a steely gaze of intent. She gazed back into his eyes to confirm her desire.

Henry scanned the dining room with a nonchalant turn of his head, slid open his doggie bag and with one motion, slid the tasty sticks into his home-bound package. After the carefully leavened goods had been packaged, several tense moments passed as the bill had yet to be paid and the Nortons weren’t about to abandon their newly acquired baked goods.

“Thank you for visiting us tonight, have a great evening” said the waiter as she delivered the receipt and change for the bill. Doris had insisted that they pay in cash so they could not be linked to the extra consumption of savory sticks.

“Fine, just fine. We really enjoyed the uh, mints,” said Henry Norton as he stood and swung his bag of deceit behind him. The couple then quickly exited the restaurant and proceeded to drive to their home in Heritage Meadows. As they drove an unusual route home filled with switchbacks Mrs. Norton said, “I don’t think they noticed right?” Then slowly inserted her hand into the bag to munch on a tasty black market breadstick.

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