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Add Sheet Sued Over Multiple Pages

Add Sheet actually composed of multiple pages

Columbia, MO – In a lawsuit long time in the making, The Add Sheet is being sued for false Advertisement. Violating its claim every Wednesday morning of being a single sheet and offering a booklet of ads, this case could affect many local businesses and the consumers who live off the multiple sheets of discounts.

The Add Sheet management is scrambling to find all coupons it offers relating to law services. Unfortunately, the only legal ads in publication are for DWI offenses.

On the notion that The Add Sheet might disappear, Columbia resident Will Chalmers said, “Wait, so I might have to pay full price for something? This is not good. Long live The Add Sheet, or Sheets, for that matter.”

The legal services of Mizzou JD and MBA Eric Basso are representing the plaintiff, who is choosing to remain unnamed. Citing the Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants case of 1994, if Coffee can be too hot, The Add Sheet can offer too many deals.

Local Add Sheet Representatives declined comment and seem to have their hands tied as free mystic tans and discounted cookies aren’t going to change this verdict.

“If you are in the business of advertising, you would think they could have considered this, “remarked a frustrated Amelia Meyers with a tear forming in her eye. “That bright yellow symbol of culture in Columbia was the only ray of sun I had all winter.” Others are concerned the trash pickup industry would be hurt by the lack of ad sheets as well. In the meantime, people are encouraged to start facebook groups and twitter accounts to voice opinions.

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