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El Maguey Fire Reveals Secrets

El Maguey took their hot sauce too far. Obviously.

Columbia, MO- Residents living in the Southside of Columbia woke to the sound of sirens yesterday morning as a fire broke out in El Maguey Restaurant.

Initial reports are fuzzy but Fair City News reporters are learning that El Maguey’s secret recipe for salsa may be revealed in the catastrophe. El Rancho, Tequila’s and Taco Bell representatives were all seen hovering around the scene like vultures trying to learn anything they could about the competition. “I don’t know why we didn’t think of using fire for our hot sauce, it is genius. Well, at least it was until today,” said Tony Black, a Taco Bell executive.

El Maguey prides itself as the best Mexican Food and hot sauce in Columbia. “Anytime anyone or anything is the best, they must push the envelope to differentiate. This means they will either be the best or go down in a ball of flames,” explains Mizzou professor Joel Rich.

Others were simply disappointed, “It is a shame El Maguey felt their hot sauce wasn’t hot enough. You never play with fire because someone or something is going to get hurt,” says local mother and Mexican food expert Luisa Jiminez.

Fortunately, the fire didn’t harm the margarita machines and the firemen responding to the call rewarded themselves with a nice treat. “Man, I wish every fire had a happy ending like this,” exclaimed a satisfied Len Gaus.

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